I have been a director for a small but diverse number of projects. My training is at the hands of Lary Opitz, Carolyn Anderson, Eunice Ferreira, and David Demke, as well as any director I’ve worked under in another capacity, all who taught me something. I strive for every production I participate in to do something different and push the boundaries of what theatre is and how it is assembled.

I’m very proud of a piece produced at Skidmore College called DIRT which was written by Peter Ellis and Jon Fortmiller.  The play was produced outside on the actual ground near a lake on the college campus. The play took place during sunset, and the actors drove up at the piece’s opening in a car, and left in the same way after the play finished.

Additionally I worked in both a directing and producing role on a one-act play festival piece called Together We Can Do So Much More, which I created. The 9 one-act plays in this show were written, auditioned, and rehearsed in a span of only 24 hours. At the end of which the plays were all performed. This show is now an annual event at Skidmore College, and contributes to the school’s atmosphere of collaboration and lack of sleep that all good theatre artists can appreciate.

Much of my work has been in educational theatre as well. I’ve directed students of all ages in a variety of productions including Godspell by Stephen Schwartz, Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare, Dracula by Bram Stoker as well as many others.

​​​Conor D. Mullen