Improvisational Theatre has been an essential part of my life as an actor since before I even started scripted theatre. I've been studying it for as long as I can remember and I think we are think there are still so many possibilities, so many ways we can push the boundaries of unscripted performance. I’m proud to say much of the work I've done has broken the mold in one way or another.

Currently I'm a founding and performing member of As You Will. This independent improv team performs Shakespearean improv. That is to say we perform using the language, verse, and themes of the late, great William Shakespeare 

I’ve worked with a number of other teams and theatres which have included Awkward Kids Talking at Skidmore College, a group which I was a president and director of for several years as well as others including The Bovine Metropolis Theatre, and The Voodoo Comedy Playhouse.

Shows I have worked on have included but are not limited to: “Heirs of Hogwarts” (an improvised magical adventure in the style of Harry Potter) with Bovine Metropolis Theatre, “IMDB: Improvised Movie DataBase” (a completely improvised movie) with Awkward Kids Talking, “3 Blind Dates” (improvised speed dating leading to three dates picked by the audience) with Voodoo Comedy Playhouse, “Three AKT Play” (an improvised three act play) with Awkward Kids Talking, and “Beckettprov” (improv in the style of absurdist playwright Samuel Beckett) with Awkward Kids Talking.

​​​Conor D. Mullen